Thank you for visiting. If you attended any of the guest appearances  at Ohio State University, Arizona State, University of North Texas, or   heard about it or have seen Hector speak here are some of the resources he normally discusses.

Equity and Diversity Conference Social justice and Student Activism, El Peso Hero – UNT
Regional Media Summit, “Stories from the Four Corners: Empowering the Southwestern Perspective” – Arizona State
UNITY Regional Media Summit: Town Hall on Immigration, “What’s Your Story?”– Unity
El Peso Hero -The man behind comic book character El Peso Hero is coming to Tarrant County College’s Trinity Campus0- TCC
SolCon Special Guest- Ohio State University 


El Peso Hero author, artist, educator Hector Rodriguez is available for author’s visits for schools and libraries where he discusses his books, immigration policy, Bilingual education as well as the importance of creativity and pursuing your dreams.

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