Kickstarter El Peso Hero: La Patrona


The Team

Hector Rodriguez  Creator and Writer , Special Guest artist ( El Peso Hero Halloween Special) 

Guillermo Villareal Artist

Chema Cuellar Artist

Jeff Zornow Special Guest cover artist (El Peso Hero Halloween Special)


About the Book

Washed ashore on the banks of the Rio Grande River, El Peso Hero is rescued by immigrants. Suffering a concussion from the Battle for Nuevo Laredo, a group of day laborers and dreamers befriend El Peso Hero and take him in as one of their own. Moving through McAllen, Texas undocumented El Peso Hero embarks on the journey of a day laborer. Across the border in Mexico, seeing her grandson, El Catrin, fail in securing Nuevo Laredo as a strong hold the matriarch of the family,La Patrona takes the reins of the business. Her goal: to find and kill the man who humiliated El Catrin and upset the family cartel business in Nuevo Laredo.