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Welcome to Rio Bravo Comics!

Rio Bravo Comics.com will be the formal portal for bold independent storytelling. Currently our flagship series is El Peso Hero. El Peso Hero challenges the stereotype and definition of a super hero. Set in contemporary times dealing with very real issues El Peso Hero sets out to challenge the status quo of modern comics. In 2014 El Peso Hero experienced a lot of growth. We went viral in over 3 different continents and appeared on MSNBC, Univision,Telemundo, and CNN!

Articles of El Peso Hero were written in all major Latin American news publications from El Pais, Sexenio,La Reforma and many more! When Captain America came to the defense of immigrants Fox News Latino compared it to El Peso Hero. El Peso Hero was acknowledged as the first superhero to defend all immigrants!

In spring of 2015, we will launch Rio Bravo Comics.com with 4 new El Peso Hero books! All Kickstarter supporters will receive their rewards. Our short film El Peso Hero: Toro Pesado will finish filming. New convention appearances are also planned. We are looking forward to more growth and challenges ahead in 2015 and as well as great stories to share with you.

Thank you for your support,

Rio Bravo Comics Team