El Peso Hero’s origin stories are rooted in powerful Mexican history

Rio Bravo Comics releases an origin prologue for the
new upcoming El Peso Hero book, El Peso Hero: La Patrona. The origin of El Peso Hero is rooted in powerful Mexican history. Mexico has known many heroes through her long and eventful history. Perhaps none have captured the imagination and stirred the hearts to the degree that Los Niños Héroes (Heroic Children) have. In 1847, six brave young cadets fought valiantly for their country during the Mexican- American War at the Battle of Chapultepec. Tragically, they died defending her honor.

We also honor the story of adelita Petra Herrera. Petra spear headed the siege of Torreon during the Mexican Revolution in 1913. This battle
was crucial in allocating resources for Pancho Villa’s army. Unfortunately Petra la Soldadera was never given credit
for her pivotal role. Portraying their stories has never been done in comic book form. The world wide release of El Peso Hero: La Patrona is just around corner and the list of comics for the highly popular franchise now includes 3 new El Peso Hero stories, only from Rio Bravo Comics. El Peso Hero: La Patrona is the 8th book in our series and the exciting conclusion to the El Peso Hero origin story arc.




“La Bestia” Comic Book Preview

El Peso Hero: Border Stories

Follow El Peso Hero and other characters in 5 unique stories that help define the border experience. The stories include, Deportation Force, El Coyote, La Bestia, The New Children and Detective Garcia.

Special Preview!

El Peso Hero Border Stories : La Bestia

As many as half a million Central American immigrants annually hop aboard freight trains colloquially known as “La Bestia,” or the beast, on their journey to the United States. The cargo trains, which run along multiple lines, carry products north for export. As there are no passenger railcars, migrants must ride atop the moving trains, facing physical dangers that range from amputation to death if they fall or are pushed. Beyond the dangers of the trains themselves, Central American migrants are subject to extortion and violence at the hands of the gangs and organized-crime groups that control the routes north. In El Peso Hero Border Stories : La Bestia, two young brothers risk death riding La Bestia and witness El Peso Hero in action. 

Coming soon! El Peso Hero: Border Stories

Captain America takes on Anti-Immigration Vigilantes-“What took you awhile Captain America?”,El Peso Hero.

Captain America defeats a group of vigilantes who patrol the US-Mexico border and declare immigrants to be ‘enemy combatants’ in a new issue of the Marvel comic.
The gun-wielding masked men, who call themselves The Sons of the Serpent, are seen blocking a group of undocumented immigrants attempting to cross the border.
‘Attention all trespassers! I am the Supreme Serpent!’, the leader yells to a group of undocumented immigrants attempting to cross the border.
‘By invading this sovereign land, you defy the laws of God, nature and the United States Constitution!’
When one of the men tells the group they don’t want any trouble, the Supreme Serpent responds: ‘I can see you have enough trouble with you already, trouble and disease and crime weigh heavy on your backs’

When the group beg the men to leave them alone, the leader says the Sons of the Serpent believe that ‘aggression must answer aggression’.
‘I declare you all enemy combatants!’, he says. ‘You’re coming with us or you will feel the Serpent’s bite!’

It’s a humbling feeling knowing that Marvel is following our path in defending immigrants. Granted they use the Sons of the Serpent as a substitute for local militias.
On El Peso Hero#2 (March2015) page21-23

Let it be known that in El Peso Hero we do not shy away from reality. The names and the circumstances might be different but we find it our duty to share the real border experience. As we go onto El Peso Hero#4 we will be leading the way.

El Peso Hero, el héroe de comic que se enfrenta a los carteles, autoridades corruptas y secuestradores próximamente tendrá una Radio Novela al estilo de Kaliman, conoce el teaser!!!

This upcoming radio novela produced and directed by Horacio Ontiveros (Conexión Thalía) based on El Peso Hero. Created by Hector Rodriguez, El Peso Hero is a comic book series heavily influenced by the modern-day challenges people from both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border face. The main story is centered on El Peso Hero, a rogue hero who is standing up against Mexico’s cartels, corrupt border officials, and human traffickers.

El Peso Hero has been one the most internationally talked about Latino superhero in decades. With modern social issues such immigration, human trafficking and institutional corruption, El Peso Hero has garnered attention and praise from the Latino community and been featured on Univision, Univision’s Somos Metroplex, CNN, Telemundo, Fusion, TV Azteca, Conexion Thalia and countless of other media sites worldwide. It has even won the prestigious Emmy Award for best news story by Univision news anchor Angel Pedrero.

El Peso Hero Radio Novela
Produced and Directed by Horacio Ontiveros.
In association with Audazzia Productions and Rio Bravo Comics.

Rio Bravo Comics

Welcome to Rio Bravo Comics!

Rio Bravo will be the formal portal for bold independent storytelling. Currently our flagship series is El Peso Hero. El Peso Hero challenges the stereotype and definition of a super hero. Set in contemporary times dealing with very real issues El Peso Hero sets out to challenge the status quo of modern comics. In 2014 El Peso Hero experienced a lot of growth. We went viral in over 3 different continents and appeared on MSNBC, Univision,Telemundo, and CNN!

Articles of El Peso Hero were written in all major Latin American news publications from El Pais, Sexenio,La Reforma and many more! When Captain America came to the defense of immigrants Fox News Latino compared it to El Peso Hero. El Peso Hero was acknowledged as the first superhero to defend all immigrants!

In spring of 2015, we will launch Rio Bravo with 4 new El Peso Hero books! All Kickstarter supporters will receive their rewards. Our short film El Peso Hero: Toro Pesado will finish filming. New convention appearances are also planned. We are looking forward to more growth and challenges ahead in 2015 and as well as great stories to share with you.

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