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“La Bestia” Comic Book Preview

El Peso Hero: Border Stories

Follow El Peso Hero and other characters in 5 unique stories that help define the border experience. The stories include, Deportation Force, El Coyote, La Bestia, The New Children and Detective Garcia.

Special Preview!

El Peso Hero Border Stories : La Bestia

As many as half a million Central American immigrants annually hop aboard freight trains colloquially known as “La Bestia,” or the beast, on their journey to the United States. The cargo trains, which run along multiple lines, carry products north for export. As there are no passenger railcars, migrants must ride atop the moving trains, facing physical dangers that range from amputation to death if they fall or are pushed. Beyond the dangers of the trains themselves, Central American migrants are subject to extortion and violence at the hands of the gangs and organized-crime groups that control the routes north. In El Peso Hero Border Stories : La Bestia, two young brothers risk death riding La Bestia and witness El Peso Hero in action. 

Coming soon! El Peso Hero: Border Stories